Vucic: Chinese Development Bank experts soon in Belgrade

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has announced that in the next two weeks a working group of the Chinese People’s Development Bank will come to Belgrade to discuss the project of establishing a big economic free zone on the Danube. Vucic told the B92 TV that the complete infrastructure needs to be built so that the merchandise could be transported to the Romanian port of Constanza and toward West Europe, as well as to connect the new facilities with the existing railroads and roads. He has expressed expectation that a pertinent agreement between the Chinese People’s Development Bank and the Serbian National Bank will be signed in December. While emphasizing there is interest among the Chinese companies for buying the Serbian firms that are in restructuring, Vucic has added they have been offered the companies that are on the list of 502 in the process of restructuring. Speaking of China’s participation in the realization of the project of a railroad from Belgrade to Budapest, the Prime Minister has said that Chinese PM Li Keqiang told him that railroad could be done in three of three and a half years, while finding the mode of financing that would not additionally burden the Serbian deficit.