The New Anti–Coronavirus Measures for the Upcoming Weekend

An increased number of confirmed cases has caused the tightening of anti-epidemic measures. At today’s session, the COVID-19 Crisis Response Team adopted the new anti – coronavirus measures referring to the upcoming weekend (March 06 and 07). According to Predrag Kon, an epidemiologist and member of the COVID-19 Crisis Response Team, the said body decided earlier today to close all catering facilities and shops as of 12 in the noon on Saturday till 6 o’clock on Monday morning.

When it comes to the ski slopes in the mountains, neither cafes nor shops will be open during the upcoming weekend, as stated at the press conference held after the session of the COVID-19 Crisis Response Team.

As for the rest of Serbia, Predrag Kon explained that everything will work until noon on Saturday. After 12 o’clock until Monday at 6 o’clock, only food stores, pharmacies and gas stations will work.

Also, a decision was made for high schools to switch to online classes starting Monday. As announced today, the next meeting of the COVID-19 Crisis Response Team will be held on Tuesday.

Once again, Predrag Kon stressed that currently the most important preventive measure is vaccination, stating that only the vaccine is a barrier that can stop the spread of the virus. He further explained that the immunity obtained by vaccination is higher than the one that is created in people who have been infected with COVID-19. According to him, asymptomatic patients do not have high immunity, which is why vaccination is strongly recommended, especially for risk groups. Kon also pointed out that we are entering the next phase of immunization and that more and more citizens are expected to be vaccinated soon.