Stricter Measures in the Fight Against Coronavirus

New measures against the Covid19 have been adopted by the government of Serbia in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The measures will be valid from tonight 21h, March 16, 2021 until Monday, March 22, 2021. Most of the facilities will be closed such as: all catering facilities (cafes, restaurants, bars), shopping malls, all shops (except grocery stores), cinemas, museums, galleries, beauty and hairdressing salons, beauty salons, casinos, children’s playrooms, gyms, exercise rooms, fitness centers, swimming pools, sports balloons, except for food facilities, pharmacies and gas stations, while the total ban on movement is excluded so people may still move freely, also the border crossings are open, but it is yet to be clarified whether banks, public authorities, etc. shall be open during Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Considering that coronavirus is still circulating on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, it is recommended to respect preventive measures to reduce the risk of occurrence and transmission of this infection.

Government stated that this is the best possible balance between the protection of health workers, the protection of jobs and the support of the economy and mental health of the nation.

It is important to point out that mass vaccination will start to give serious results and the number of infected people will start to decrease.