Free Zones – The Advantages of Investing in Serbia

Representatives of Kopilović & Kopilović Law Firm, Belgrade attended the seminar “The benefits of doing business in free zones in Serbia” , held on March 20, 2014. in Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Free Zones are separated and marked parts of the territory of the Republic of Serbia, where production and service activities are carried out with incentive benefits.

Serbia is located on the Balkan Peninsula and represents the link between the East and West Europe – easy access to the EU market.

Currently 13 Free Zones are operating in Serbia, performing all types of business and industrial activities, such as manufacturing, trade, banking and insurance.

Import and export from the Zones is free of VAT, clearance and customs, while income generated from production within a zone is exempt from taxation.

The Zones are also exempt from certain local fees and taxes.

Profit and income made within the Free Zone may be transferred without charging any taxes, duties or fees – free movement of capital, profits and dividends.

Considering all benefits, financial, fiscal etc, the Free Zones in Serbia are highly appealing to foreign investors.