Eurofiber opens yarn factory in Cuprija

Chinese company Eurofiber opened its new production facility in Cuprija on November 17, in the presence of Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic. The commissioning ceremony was attended by the ambassador of China to Serbia, Li Manchang, the company`s owner, Zhang Zhiguo, the president of the municipality of Cuprija, Ninoslav Eric and the representatives of our Law Firm.

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Chinese investors have invested around EUR 1 million in the new production facility.

Eric emphasized that the opening of the factory was great news for the municipality and a result of successful negotiations from a year before, when representatives of the municipality talked with Chinese businessmen. He added that the total investments in Eurofiber would amount to around EUR 13 million.

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– The opening of the factory in Serbia is a part of our strategic plan. The annual production of 900 tons is planned in the first phase. Within the period of three years, it is planned to increase the annual production to 10000 tons, together in China and Serbia. If it goes according to plan, the idea is to increase the production trifold and expand it to nylon yarn.

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